Summer and its Insects to watch out for in your grow environment NO 1 The SPIDER MITE

Posted by Jason Robinson on Nov 22nd 2014

With summer coming its time to keep a close eye out for some insects and mites which if left unchecked can cause major yield reduction and possible crop failure .The number one pest is probably going to be spider mite and red mite ,these are tiny mite that live on the leaves of plants and when in dense enough populations make a web like structure that they use as a highway to the tips of your plant sucking the life out of it .As temperatures increase so accelerates the life cycle of this little mite .This alone should give you a big clue in avoidance rather than the cure .Keep your grow rooms cool and have plenty of AIR movement above and below the canopy trying to avoid blowing directly onto your plants as this will strip water from them especially in the early stages .The first signs of these mite are going to be small white dots appearing on your leaf surface .On inspection you will see (may need a magnifying glass )small round creatures cruising around .These are the mite .If you can see webs this is quite late in the infestation .You have two choices Chemical or Biological .If you have numbers of 1-2 mite per leaf (this is very low numbers)then you can use biological controls such as Phytoseiulus Persimilis or galendromus occidentalis which are predatory and will eat you pest population .Then there is option two the spray ,this can be broken down into two parts the chemical and surfactant type spray .For Chemical sprays stick with something that is ment for mite not insects as they are usually quite different class of chemicals ,miterid ,omite ,pyranica or killamite are all good examples of these products .Sufactant sprays are sprays that coat the creatures carpace and suffocate it .these generally are soap or oil based and not as effective as the chemical alternative but they are safer to use .please follow all instructions on the bottle you use as you can poison yourself and plants if your not careful .Next will be Thrips my favourite things  NOT.