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PH, EC and environmental control

  • BlueLab PH Meter

    Bluelab PH Meter handheld

    BlueLab Ph handheld Meter Probe type. This portable and easy to use unit is the best way to quickly and easily check the PH of your solution/reservoir.The unit is battery operated with an easy to read display, with one button calibration. Save...

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  • Bluelab PH Pen

    Bluelab PH Pen

    BlueLab Waterproof PH Pen Type Meter This pen style meter is the latest in meters from Blue Lab Nz it is easy to use ,easy to calibrate and reliable .Waterproof so if you drop it in solution just fish it out,no need to go buy a new meter .Blue Lab also...

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  • Bluelab Truncheon

    Blue Lab E/C PPM Truncheon are now the industry standard in solution testing .They are super easy to use with auto on and off function ,dip into solution and check your reading against the flashing lights .In Australia and the rest of the world bar the...

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  • CS 2.76 250ml

    CS 2.76 250ml

    Growth Tech CS 2.76 250ml .This buffer is used to calibrate EC and ppm meters to ensure that your meter is reading accurately .

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  • Dehumidifier 20L/Day

    Dehumidifier 20L/Day

    Dehumidifier 20L/Day Auto Control .This unit is designed to lower the humidity in your grow environment .If your grow is to humid you increase the chance of fungal infection on your leaves ,stems and flowers .

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  • Ph/Moisture Meter

    Dual Soil type PH and Moisture Meter

    Dual Moisture and Ph meter with lux meter is an easy way to keep an eye on your PH moisture level in soil grown plants .This handy meter comes with an inbuilt Lux meter as well giving you most of the parameters you require to successfully grow your herbs...

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  • Ezi tools EC Meter

    Ezi tools EC Meter

    Ezi Tools EC Meter .This Ec meter is a cheap way to measure your nutrient solution or test aquaponics systems for nutrient load .This meter comes with easy to follow instructions and a screwdriver for quick calibration .

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  • Ezi Tools PH Meter

    Ezi Tools PH Meter

    Ezi Tools PH Meter .This cheap pocket type meter is a great way to measure the Ph of your hydroponic solution or nutrient solution .In hydroponics the best PH range for maximium nutrient absorbtion is between 5.8 and 6.2 for aquaponics the PH is slightly...

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  • Ezi-GrowFan Speed Controller

    Ezi-GrowFan Speed Controller

    Galaxie Fan Speed Controller gives you the ability to adjust the speed of your fan giving the grow environment the right temp humidity requirements during all seasons and all stages of growth .Made in Australia this unit is made with the best quality...

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  • Dual Thermo controller heating/cooling

    Growlush Dual thermal controller

    Take control of your lighting and give your plants the right temperature at the right time to ensure maximum yield. Turns your system automated to only turn on at the right temperature Waterproof tip, allowing it to also be used in conjunction to...

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