Best Hydroponic system for Vegetables

Posted by Jason Robinson on Sep 25th 2020

In this blog we will discuss the best system for growing vegetable and flowering plants .I will break this up into systems and plants that are best suited to it .

NFT style systems are a rectangular or round channel that has a thin film of water running through the channel or pipe .Plants are planted into small pots that are placed into the channel .Oxygen and nutrients are absorbed through the film and into the plants roots ,Plants that suit this style of hydroponic growing are generally smaller quick growing plants such as lettuce ,Bok choi ,Pak choi ,Basil and other herbs .Strawberries and other related berries also do well in this style of system .If growers are using a bigger channel than 100x50mm then other plants such as melons and tomatoes can be grown with the appropriate support

Flood and drain tables are suitable for growing most plants although some support may necessary for the larger plants .Flood and drain tables can be used to grow you brassicas such as cabbage ,cauliflower and broccoli .They are suitable for growing all herbs ,onions ,capsicums and tomatoes .About the only thig you will struggle with in a flood and drain table is potatoes as you are limited with the depth of the table as most tables are around 180mm deep .

Dutch pots /pots are generally suitable for growing larger plants than something like an NFT system. There is a lot more space for prolific root growth and the root zone is kept insulated via the medium so the pot system can perform better in hot weather than the exposed roots in a channel system .The pot system can be used to grow nearly all varieties of vegetables such as tomatoes ,melons ,cucumbers ,capsicums ,chillis  and all of your herbs like the basil varieties ,parsley sage rosemary and thyme .

Areoponic systems .These systems where the plants roots are misted with a nutrient solution are best suited to the quicker growing plants and plants that dont mind a wetter root zone .Plants that are more suite to  this system are the lettuce varieties the basil varieties and plants like parsley and celery .

 If you require any information on what grow's best in what system especially on Hydroponic Grow Tents please call us on 0882628323 and our staff will be happy to advise a system that best fits your needs and the plants you are endeavoring to grow .