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  • Blue Lab EC Cleaning Kit

    Bluelab EC Cleaning Kit .

    The Bluelab EC Cleaning Kit contains everything you will need to clean, care for and calibrate your favourite Bluelab products such as the Bluelab Combo/Guardian meter/EC pen or the Truncheon.taking...

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  •  	Blue Lab EC/PH Combo Meter

    Bluelab EC/PH Combo Meter

    Blue Lab PH/EC Combination Meter .This meter from Blue Lab combines both of the most used gauges in hydroponics in one simple easy to use meter .The PH probe has a BNC connection for ease of...

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  • Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit 250ml

    Bluelab PH Cleaning Kit

    Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit .This kit contains all you need to clean, calibrate and maintain your Blue Lab devices. The PH cleaning kit contains:- 2x 20ml 7.0 buffer sachets- 2x 20ml 4.0 buffer...

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  • BlueLab PH Meter

    BlueLab PH Meter handheld

    BlueLab Ph handheld Meter Probe type. This portable and easy to use unit is the best way to quickly and easily check the PH of your solution/reservoir.The unit is battery operated with an easy...

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  • BlueLab PH Probe

    BlueLab PH Probe

    BlueLab PH Probe suits combo/ph meter and Ph meter from BlueLab >IT has a bnc connections and will suit other brands of PH meter .

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