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Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits

Hydroworld has a wide and varied range of off-the-shelf, pre-assembled hydroponic kits that come with everything a customer would require to start growing hydroponically. Whether it’s a small system to grow some lettuce and herbs for the home kitchen or a system that’s a lot bigger we have a hydroponic kit for you.

With our website we can send you a hydroponic kit regardless of where you are in Australia, if you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or even Brisbane we can get a pre-fab or a fully customized hydroponic system sent out to you.

If you can’t find a hydroponic kit that suits your needs, just send us a message via our contact page and we can design a fully customized hydroponic system to suit you. If you require a hydroponic kit or system for your school, university or doing a medical/commercial grow, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are specialists in this field.

Hydroworld’s pre-designed hydroponic kits generally come with the system itself including all the pots, hosing, feeder rings, hydroponic medium to suit your specific hydroponic system that you are purchasing; as well as hydroponic nutrients and PH buffers. This removes all the guess work from purchasing a hydroponic kit and gives you the best chance of maximizing your hydroponic production growing herbs, vegetables and flowers.

We have our own in house designed pot systems ranging from a small 4 x 30L pot kit, up to a larger 9x 50L pot hydroponic kit and of course these can be expanded with the addition of more pots.

If you are new to hydroponics maybe the Autopot Hydropak may be the system for you. Its an all in one hydroponic kit that is super simple to use and doesn’t require electricity to operate, the Autopot systems come with hydroponic medium and nutrients.

If you experienced in hydroponic production, perhaps the current culture DWC hydroponic kits are for you. Starting with a 4-pot single system up to the DB 24 XL with 24 sites covering a 4x5m area. 

These come complete with all the water pumps and air pumps, flanges and all of the irrigation and piping/hosing is supplied and precut to size. All that is required is joining it all together, fill the system with water and nutrient solution and you’re all ready to start growing.

If we haven’t got a hydroponic kit that suits your needs, reach us via our “contact us” page and our design team will build you a hydroponic kit that suits all of your gardening needs.