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Clone lighting

  • T5 2ft x 2 lamp

    2ft T5 Fluro kit with 2 lamps

     T5 fluroescent 2ft troffer with twin lamps and cord  .Lamps are 6500k and the reflector has a aluminium reflective insert and multiple units can be daisychained together .By using digital ballast technology the T5 fluro puts out nearly double...

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  • 150w shade by Ezi-Grow

    150w shade by Ezi-Grow

    Shade to suit 150w MH .This Ezi-Grow shade is only suitable for a 150w lamp as they have smaller screw in fitting than a 250 w lamp or higher .This is a great shade to use for plant propagation after the rooting stage has finished .Made in Australia it...

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  • Fluro inc stand T8 15w 45cm

    Fluro inc stand T8 15w 45cm

     T8 fluroescent 1.5ft troffer with single lamp and cord on an aluminium stand .Lamps are Growlux .The low amount of heat produced by these units make them the perfect choice for propagation and seedlings

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  • Lush Pro 200w COB LED Panel

    Lush Pro 200w COB LED Panel

    Lush Pro LED panel are a great way of adding light with little heat  .These panels have a very high Lux to Par ratio providing outstanding perfomance for Led lighting .The ave 100w 32 array panels that have had their drivers tuned to provide a high...

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  • PS 1 T5 Fluro Kit

    PS 1 t5 propagation light

    PS 1 t5 propagation light is a easy to use and assemble light designed for cloning and seed propagation .It can be surfaced mounted directly to the perspex propagation lid ,hung or hard mounted through the click and lock spine .The click lock spine...

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