• Blue Lab connect Blue Lab usb

    Blue Lab Guardian Connect

    The Blue Lab Guardian connect is not only a constant indicator of the desired levels of conductivity,pH and temperature of your nutrient solution or aquaponics system but it also data logs these critical parameters to your computer .You can access the...

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  • Gaurdian Monitor Blue Lab

    Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    Gaurdian Monitor by Blue Lab is a 240v power Ph ,Ec and temperature monitor .This meter is a must for serious growers who are after the best yeild and quality produce .Easy to use and reliable with a replacable Ph probe and trouble free Ec probe .

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  • BlueLab PH Meter

    BlueLab PH Meter handheld

    BlueLab Ph handheld Meter Probe type. This portable and easy to use unit is the best way to quickly and easily check the PH of your solution/reservoir.The unit is battery operated with an easy to read display, with one button calibration. Save...

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  • Blue Lab PH Pen

    Bluelab PH Pen

    BlueLab Waterproof PH Pen Type Meter This pen style meter is the latest in meters from Blue Lab Nz it is easy to use ,easy to calibrate and reliable .Waterproof so if you drop it in solution just fish it out,no need to go buy a new meter .Blue Lab also...

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  • Truncheon Blue Lab

    Bluelab Truncheon

    Blue Lab E/C PPM Truncheon are now the industry standard in solution testing .They are super easy to use with auto on and off function ,dip into solution and check your reading against the flashing lights .In Australia and the rest of the world bar the...

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  • Eco Tester TDS low Meter S low Meter

    Eco Tester TDS low Meter

    Eco Tester TDS low Meter  Eco Tester Tds low is a ppm meter in the range o 0-1990 ppm and will accuratley measure ppm at the lower end of the scale, its water proof and probes are easy to maintain. This is a great tool for someone who requires more...

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  • Humidity Urs

    Humidity Urs

    URS Humidity meter analog gauge is a cheap way to measure the humidity in the grow environment and can be used in clone boxes as well .

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