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Coconut is an excellent natural medium for hydroponic growth.

  • Promantis 2L

    ProMantis Substrate Enhancer 2L

    Pro Mantis is the ultimate sustainable organic soil (substrate) enhancer.Stimulate your substrate by harnessing our natural soil superfoods.Pro Mantis utilises only premium insect frass blended with fossilised diatoms.   These potent...

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  • Ezi Plug Block

    Eazy Plug Block

    Ezi Plug Block  Ezi Plug block is a prepared coco clone block that has a cutout to suit the Eazy cube. These blocks are for larger cuttings or when you need to establish a larger root system prior to planting.These blocks only suit the Eazy plugs...

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  • 5kg Coco Chips

    4.5kg Crush Coco Chips

    Crush 4.5kg Block Expands to 50L. Coco Chips are a great way to improve drainage in your medium or increase water retention in perlite .This is a favorite with orchid growers .

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  • Niks  Mix 40L Bag

    Niks Mix 40L Bag

    Niks mix 40 LITRE Blend Mix Expanded Bag This is HydroWorlds premier medium .It is a complex blend of all natural products designed to enhance your plants performance from planting to flower .For more product info see the NixMix catalogue on our home...

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