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Coconut is an excellent natural medium for hydroponic growth.

  • 5kg Coco Chips

    5kg Coco Chips

    Orchid Mate %kg Block Expands to 60L Coco Chips are a great way to improve drainage in your medium or increase water retention in perlite .This is a favorite with orchid growers .

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  • Ezi Plug Block

    Ezi Plug Block

    Ezi Plug Block   Ezi Plug block is a prepared coco clone block that has a cutout to suit the Ezi cube. These blocks are for larger cuttings or when you need to establish a larger root system proir to planting.

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  • Ezi Plug Cube 12 pack

    Ezi Plug Cube 12 pack

    Ezi Plug Cube 12 pack Ezi Plug cube 12 pack of coco cubes that are a great option to rockwool for your plant propagation. These cubes come in a 12 pack and the cube can be planted dirctly into the pot or into the Ezi Block to further establish the root...

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  • House&Garden Coco 50 L Bag

    House & Garden Coco 50L Bag

    H&G Coco 50L Bag .Coco coir from house and Garden Holland ,has rhp approval and has been pre-washed and buffered for correct nutrient uptake .Coco contains natural occurring trichodernia and other beneficial bacteria .

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  • Niks  Mix 40L Bag

    Niks Mix 40L Bag

    Niks mix 40 LITRE Blend Mix Expanded Bag This is HydroWorlds premier medium .It is a complex blend of all natural products designed to enhance your plants performance from planting to flower .For more product info see the NixMix catalogue on our home...

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  • Niks Coco 40L Bag

    Niks Coco 40L Bag

    Niks Coco 40 LITRE Expanded Bag .This is our own special blend of coco coir .It has had no chemical pre-treatment and contains natural occurring trichodermia as well as inocculated fungi ,probiotic bacteria and an entamalogical fungacide .This blend also...

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