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  • Bluelab PH buffer 4  250ml

    Bluelab PH buffer 4 250ml

    Bluelab PH buffer 4 to be used for calibrating all Bluelab PH meters and pens.Make sure to use the Bluelab PH buffers for Bluelab products, as other buffers wont allow a precise calibration.- Ensure to decant a small amount into another container before...

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  • Gaurdian Monitor Blue Lab

    Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    Gaurdian Monitor by Blue Lab is a 240v power Ph ,Ec and temperature monitor .This meter is a must for serious growers who are after the best yeild and quality produce .Easy to use and reliable with a replacable Ph probe and trouble free Ec probe .

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  • Blue Lab EC Cleaning Kit

    Bluelab EC Cleaning Kit .

    The Bluelab EC Cleaning Kit contains everything you will need to clean, care for and calibrate your favourite Bluelab products such as the Bluelab Combo/Guardian meter/EC pen or the Truncheon.taking proper care of your devices will ensure a long life,...

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  • Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit 250ml

    Bluelab PH Cleaning Kit

    Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit .This kit contains all you need to clean, calibrate and maintain your Blue Lab devices. The PH cleaning kit contains:- 2x 20ml 7.0 buffer sachets- 2x 20ml 4.0 buffer sachets- 2x KCI probe storage solution- probe cleaner-...

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Blue Lab Peridoser Unit complete

    Bluelab Peridoser Unit complete

    The ultimate in nutrient control with the blue Lab peridoser kit ,nutrition and Ph are all measured and adjusted to prescion with this unit ,Comes complete with all the components needed including peri pump dossers, controller with digital readout...

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  •  	Blue Lab EC/PH Combo Meter

    Bluelab EC/PH Combo Meter

    Blue Lab PH/EC Combination Meter .This meter from Blue Lab combines both of the most used gauges in hydroponics in one simple easy to use meter .The PH probe has a BNC connection for ease of replacement and a heavy duty EC probe ensure accuracy and...

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  • Bluelab PH Pen Bluelab PH Pen

    Bluelab PH Pen

    BlueLab Waterproof PH Pen Type Meter This pen style meter is the latest in meters from Blue Lab Nz it is easy to use ,easy to calibrate and reliable .Waterproof so if you drop it in solution just fish it out,no need to go buy a new meter .Blue Lab also...

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  • Bluelab Truncheon

    Bluelab Truncheon

    Blue Lab E/C PPM Truncheon are now the industry standard in solution testing .They are super easy to use with auto on and off function ,dip into solution and check your reading against the flashing lights .In Australia and the rest of the world bar the...

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