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LED Lighting

  • Digi-Lumen 6 Bar Array Digi-Lumen 6 Bar Array

    Digi-Lumen 600w LED array

    Digi-Lumen LED Array 600 W / 6 Bar  Unplug your HPS and plug in an LED. The new Digi-Lumen LED Array is the first LED to operate directly from any 600 W Electronic Ballast. The LED Array features 720 Watts of Optimum White and Optimum Red diodes to...

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  • King Grow m1000 King Grow m1000

    King Grow M1000 LED

    640W/840W/1000W/1200W High PPE Up to 2.7μmol/J 640W 1728μmol/S 840W 2268μmol/S 1000W 2700μmol/S 1200W 3240μmol/S Features ·KM series special for indoor cannabis...

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  • Hortitek 620w

    Hortitek 6 Bar 620w LED

    Hortitek 6 bar 620w is a high performance LED at a budget price .It has two inbuilt drivers with a 2.5umol efficacy and is IP65 rated to protect the unit and giving the customer years of trouble free performance . Power 620W Voltage Range...

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  • HLG diablo

    HLG Diablo

    HLG Scorpion® Diablo™ commercial lamps are designed for growers who want to maximize crop yields with a grow light that offers both high intensity and high efficiency. This lamp uses 6 advanced design Diablo Quantum Boards® for an...

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  • HLG 700 R-spec

    HLG 700 R-Spec

    This unit ships with a Dimmer that has both Manual and RJ11 jack (for connection with say the AC Infinity controller 69) Use the Type B adapter to connect to Controller 69 HLG 700 Rspec FR is designed for home and commercial growers looking for...

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  • Luxx clone Led 18w

    Luxx Clone LED 2 x 18w

    he Luxx 18w Clone LED is the perfect replacement for a T5 fluorescent light fixture. The Luxx 18w Clone LED is 60% more efficient running off 18 watts, fully waterproof, and is rated for 54,000 hours. 2 strips per pack. The Luxx 18w Clone LED comes...

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  • Colossal 720w LED

    Colossal 720W LED

    Colossal 720w LED 6 bar unit .Finally a high performance LED fixture at a budget price from the company that brings the Colossal brand to market .This high efficacy led pumps out a whopping 2016 umol with a 2.8 umol efficacy that is usually reserved for...

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  • UFO Stand Flat

    UFO STAND Flat

    UFO LED Stand keeps you 100w-500w UFO off the ground so they dont get wet incase of an accidental flood and provides better ventilation for the driver section of the unit .The UFO stand Flat allows the UFO to be used as under lighting safely and...

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  • UFO Stand

    UFO LED stand 45 deg

     UFO LED stand for 100w to 500w UFO style leds .This useful stand gets your led off the ground and angles it at a 45 deg angle so you can effectively use it for corner lighting  and side lighting .This unit is made in Australia and has a very...

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  • Grow Time 300w LED Grow Time 300w LED

    Grow Time 300w Led

    Grow Time 300w Led ,This is a high performance Led from a local Australian company that specializes in high end lighting technology .This led has been specifically designed for under lighting as it has an IP 65 rating making it water resistant but also...

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  • Hi Par V2 Controller Hi Par V2 Controller

    Hi Par Controller V2

    Version 2 of the HI-PAR Control Station is capable of operating LED fixtures and HID (HPS or CMH) fixtures simultaneously. The Control Station gives you unprecedented control over your horticultural lighting fixtures. Utilising next-generation...

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