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  • 19" Motorized Trimmer

    19" Motorized Clear top Trimmer

    19" Motorized Trimmer is the smaller brother of the 24' unit .It is a great way to speed up the tedious job of manicuring your favourite flowers .It uses soft rubber fingers to rotate the flower over the tray section with a sharp blade spinning below...

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  • Chefs Aid Vacuum Sealer

    Chefs Aid Vacuum Sealer

    Chefs Aid Vacuum Sealer is a easy to use compact ,lightweight vacuum sealer that keeps your produce fresher for longer .This can be used as just a sealer or it has a automatic vac and seal function .

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  • Centurion Gladiator Centurion Gladiator

    Centurion Gladiator Trimmer

    Centurion Gladiator is the largest ,quickest trimmer in Centurions range .With dual 6.5" tumblers and a 3000cfm leaf collector doing 75000 cuts per minute this unit is seriously fast and efficient .The Gladiator does the trimming of around 40 people .The...

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  • Centurion Table Top Centurion Table Top complete

    Centurion Table Top Trimmer

    Centurion Table Top Trimmer is the smallest and most portable trimmer in Centurions range .This high quality trimmer will do the work of six people saving you time and money as it does upward of 20,000 cuts per minute with a rotary blade assembly that...

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  • 24" Power Trim 24" Power Trim

    Power Trim Motorised 24 inch

    Motorised Power Trim 24 inch save you valuable time and effort when it comes to trimming your flowers .Based on the salad bowl design this trimmer is quite a bit bigger than the standard bowls allowing you to fit more product in at a time.The motor is...

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  • Trim Pro Rotor

    Trim Pro Rotor

    Trim Pro Rotor Trim Pro Rotor is a medium sized high quality trimming machine, gentle trimming with the leather fingers, a laser cut deck and dual motors one for the blade and one for the fingers. Simply place product to be trimmed in machine...

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  • X Blade Trimmer Blade

    X Blade Trimmer Blade

    X Blade trimmer blade suits most bowls and Pro-cut fast machines .Made from stainless steel is save you time and trims better than the standard wire that comes with the salad bowl style machines .

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  •  	Spin Pro Bowl inc Motor Kit

    Spin Pro Bowl inc Motor Kit

    SpinPro Bowl plus Motor trimmer Kit inc bowl/motor complete .This kit is the most cost effective motorised trimmer we have .The easy to mount motor come complete with all the nessecery components you need to to start trimming .Set the timer push the...

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  •  	Spin Pro Bowl Trimmer

    Spin Pro Bowl Trimmer

    Spin-Pro manual bowl trimmer has changed the way pruning flowers had been done forever .Load they tray and turn the handle and your done ,how easy .

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