Hydroponics Supplies in Adelaide

Welcome to Hydroworld! Adelaide’s premier hydroponic retail and online store. We have been in Adelaide south Australia servicing hydroponic customers since 1998, making Hydroworld the longest running store in Adelaide, South Australia. From our inception Hydroworld has strived to offer the very best in products and advice to the public, schools, research departments and farmers in growing everything from your favourite herbs, vegetables and flowering crops.

Hydroworld offers our customers the best in-store experience possible with friendly staff and a massive range of stock that’s second to none in Adelaide. Our staff at Hydroworld are some of the most knowledgeable in Adelaide, providing up to date information on hydroponic systems, plant propagation, integrated pest management and indoor growing techniques allowing you, the grower to get the best experience from your hydroponic endeavors. Our store in Adelaide has a premier selection of the best hydroponic products from around the Australia and the world. With brands like Canna and Gavita from Holland, House & Garden which was started in Holland and has now moved to the USA.

we also stock all of the local Australian Hydroponic nutrients such as Rock Premium products, Growth Tech, Bloom and Cyco which are now exported all around the world to countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, Israel and Holland, as well as the best of Australian brands like Flairform and Hi-Par!

AS well as our large range of hydroponic nutrients, we have a large range of grow tents and grow tent kits offering world renowned brands like Gorilla! Gorilla grow tents are the world’s leading brand of grow tent offerings with a massive selection available. We also stock Mammoth and Seahawk grow tents which we can provide as a complete grow tent kit with absolutely everything you will need to set up your indoor Hydroponic system. We stock the very best in Hydroponic lights from basic HPS lighting kits to top of the line products such as Gavita, Revolution, and Californian Light works. We are also a trusted provider of LED grow lights, so if you’re looking for a simple HPS grow light kit or a microprocessor controlled LED grow light, we have something for you and every indoor hydroponic grower.

Here at Hydroworld we have Adelaide’s largest range of hydroponic supplies, hydroponic systems and hydroponic grow kits, ranging from simple pot systems, recirculating, run-to-waste, flood and drain tables as well as deep flow systems from Current Culture. To add to our Hydroponic systems, we have a large range of Aquaponic systems which start from a small 90L mini-tub system for gold fish, up to an expandable 1000L tank system which includes all of the fittings, pots, tanks and hoses you require to get your system up and running with minimal effort.

As well as our impressive range of products and hydroponic grow systems we also have Adelaide’s largest display garden nestled in Northfield, SA featuring both Hydroponic and Aquaponic grow systems, with a running glasshouse, hot house and shade house as well as a large undercover area. Come and check out our garden to give you an insight into what’s the best possible system to suit your individual needs.

So, if you’re in the Adelaide area and looking for hydroponic systems or hydroponic supplies, call into our store for the best range of grow tents, grow lights and grow kits – we would be happy to give you the best advice on hydroponics in Adelaide and even Australia.

If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Canberra or northern Territory and you’re looking for the best hydroponic supplies available, visit our online store at which offers all products with prompt, discreet shipping to the entirety of Australia!