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  • Hi Par V2 Controller Hi Par V2 Controller

    Hi Par Controller V2

    Version 2 of the HI-PAR Control Station is capable of operating LED fixtures and HID (HPS or CMH) fixtures simultaneously. The Control Station gives you unprecedented control over your horticultural...

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  • Hi-Par Spectro 240w Hi-Par Spectro 240w

    Hi Par Spectro LED 240w

    HI-PAR SPECTRO 240w LED - The future of LED Horticultural Lighting! SPECTRO 240w is built differently; with interchangeable LED bars for custom spectra, a wide angle 120° output, pure performance...

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  • Hi Par Spectro 660w Hi Par Spectro 660w

    Hi Par Spectro LED 660w

    660w SPECTRO is HI-PAR’s next-generation LED horticultural lighting for maximumpower! The HI-PAR 660w LED Spectro is an innovative true full-spectrum LED fixture,with a futuristic design unlike...

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  • Hi-Par 630w CMH Control Kit

    Hi-Par 630w Control Kit

    Hi-Par 630w Ceramic Metal Halide kit is the latest in the line of high quality lighting from Hi-Par .The 630w CMH is the best lighting for vegetative growth for indoor grown plants .This CMH kit has...

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