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  • Spray Mate Powered Sprayer 2L

    Spray Mate Powered Sprayer 2L

    SprayMate By Higgins Smarter Gardening ™ Garden Smarter with Higgins! Your Foliar Friend in the Garden Features: Multiple Spray Patterns Extension Nozzle Included USB Charging and LED Indicator Up to 6 Refills per Charge 2L Quick-Fill...

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  • Pro Gro Fogger

    Pro Gro micron fogger

    The Pro Grow ULV Micron Fogger (ultra-low volume) is an all-in-one grow area & foliar applicator for plants. The droplets are much smaller than from other spray devices at between 10-25 microns. The ULV Micron Fogger creates a true fog which...

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