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  • Bass liquid Iron 1L

    Bass liquid Iron 1L

    Bass Liquid Iron chelate is used for the prevention and correction of Iron deficiency in both hydroponic and soil grown plants .This can be applied directly to the roots or can also be applied as a foliar spray .please be aware that PH not being correct...

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Rootex P

    Rootex P

    Bass Lab's Rootex -p Powder Sachet .Rootex is a talc based formulation with inaa and iba .Stimulates plant tissue to strike roots allowing cutting after cutting to be taken successfully .

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  • Rootex- G 50ml

    Rootex- G

    Bass Lab's Rootex - g 50ml Hormone Rooting Gel ..Designed to propagate soft /medium wood cuttings has a gel base that sticks to plants stem providing a good contact surface for hormone transfer and prevent fungal infections.

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  • Liquid Iron Chelate 250ml

    Liquid Iron Chelate 250ml

    Bass Lab's Liquid Iron Chelate 250ml Iron chelates is a easy way to correct any plant deficiencies caused by iron ,If you are constantly getting nutrient defiencies then check the PH of your nutrient solution and check the health of your root zone .

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