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  • Tomato Majic 1Kg Bag

    Tomato Magic 1Kg (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

    Manutec Tomato Majic 1 Kg Bag ..Soluble Plant Nutrition that is specifically developed to make you tomatoes flourish .It contains everything a grower requires to to produce bountiful harvests of tasty tomatoes straight from the garden to your plate .

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  • Epson Salt 1Kg Bag Manutec

    Epson Salt 1Kg Bag Manutec

    Manutec Epson Salt 1 Kg Bag .If your plants are looking deficient then its most likely that its magnesium that's the problem .Manutecs Epson salts is a cheap and efficient way to correct this deficiency .Can be used in both hydroponics and aquaponics .

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