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Trimmers ,Pruners & Drying Racks

Snip, snip your hydroponic system with these snips and shears, trimmers and pruners at great prices.

We also offer mechanised trimmers and trimmer motors for bigger hydroponic systems systems.

  • Stackable Drying rack

    Stackable Drying Rack

    Stackable drying racks come broken down and are easily assembled to form a rack that is 71cmx71cmx14cm high .You can fit as many together as you need to dry your produce quickly an evenly .Just push the rods into the supplied corners and you done and...

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  • Trim Pro Unplugged

    Trim Pro Unplugged

    Trim Pro Unplugged  Trim Pros verion of a salad bowl trimmer. This bowl trimmer is built to Trim Pros highest quality with leather fingers a laser cut deck and a high quality gear box this is by far the best quality hand trimmer on the market...

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