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  • Hailea Water Chiller 1/2 hp

    Hailea Water Chiller HC 500 A

    Haliea water chiller is a high quality water chiller that is suitable for around 1000 liters of tank water and a maximum flow rate of 6500 litres per hour .They are high quality units ensuring years of trouble free operation .Great for cooling fish that...

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  • Haliea Water Chiller 1/15hp

    Hailea Water Chiller HC 130 A

    Haliea Water chiller is suitable for up to 300 litres and a maximum flow rate of 1000 litres per hour .They are a fantastic little unit for keeping your reservoir cool in the summer months .1/15hp in power draw

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  • Aqua Manta 500W

    Aqua Manta 500W (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

    Aqua Manta 500W Titanium  heater ,Suitable for heating up to about 800L max if you have insulated the tank well .This has a external thermostat controller and digital read out making it easy to set and check temp in your tank .Generally this is best...

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  • Aqua Manta 300W

    Aqua Manta 300W

    Aqua Manta 300W Titanium Heater .This heater is good to heat around 500l of aquaponics solution .In general it is best to heat around 300L of solution .Made from titanium this has an external thermostat controller and easy to read digital readout .

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