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Hydroponics is first and foremost gardening without soil!

But plants need to be supported somehow and this is accomplished using non-organic materials that are inert and provide easy access for the plants to oxygen and nutrients. The aim is for the medium not to effect the nutrients in any way so that their chemical makeup remains intact.

Coco, LECA, and Perlite

Coco, LECA, and perlite are the main contenders, using these or a combination of them will suit nearly every growing need.

Aeroponics and NFT - Nutrient Film Technique - dont use a traditional growing medium at all.



  • Dr Greenthumbs Turbo Dirt 27L

    Dr greenthumbs Turbo Dirt 27L

    Ready to use, no need for lengthy “cooking” or composting!! 100% organic ingredients All your plant’s nutrition is built into the soil for easy use! Grow organic, mineral-rich & nutrient-dense fruit &...

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  • De-Nat 1L

    De-Nat 1L

    De-Gnat 1L Suitable for small houseplants and smaller pots DE-Nat Advanced Barrier is made of DE – Diatomaceous Earth – which is a natural Silica and Calcium compound derived from earth minerals. DE-Nat creates a barrier over the top of...

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  • DE soil Conditioner 10kg

    DE Essential Soil Conditioner 7-15mm

    tDE soil conditioner 10kg the next level in substrate development Essential Soil Conditioner uses the power of Diatomaceous Earth to allow you to grow like the pros! Experience unrivaled results in root strength, health and growth. Essential Soil...

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  • De=Nat 10kg

    De-Nat Advanced Insect Shield

    DE-Gnat Advanced Insect Shield is made of DE which is known as Diatomaceous Earth which is a natural Silica compound derived from earth minerals.DE-Gnat creates a barrier over the top of your medium/substrate that features abrasive properties utilizing...

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  • Jiffy Pot

    Jiffy Pot

    Jiffy Pot Perfect for seed propagation and striking cutting material .Jiffys original the best thing to strike delicate seeds .Personal favorite for my chilli propagation .

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