Our Hydroponic Systems

Hydroworld has a massive range of varied Hydroponics systems and grow kits that start from something as simple as a Autopot Hydropak that is a self-contained grow kit requiring no electricity to operate, or go up to the Current Culture deep flow system with air pumps and high-powered water pumps. We stock complete tent kits that provide the grower with all the necessary hydroponic supplies and accessories they will require, whether they’re a first timer to hydroponics or an experienced grower looking to do a larger grow tent kit. We maintain a constant stock of a large variety of pots, fittings, hose and pump so the customer can make their own custom hydroponics grow kit, alternatively we can guide in regards to what products you would require to produce a fully customizable hydroponic system or grow tent kit. Whether you’re looking to grow herbs, strawberries, lettuce or tomatoes; we have the grow kit for you!

The four main hydroponic systems that we stock are:

Recirculating Systems

Recirculating systems have a water pump positioned in the sump that is placed at a lower level than the pots that you are growing in which allows for the water that is pumped up from the nutrient tank to the pots, to return to the reservoir which is then recirculated back to the pots. This type of hydroponic system is very water efficient as the only water and nutrient solution that is lost in this system is what the plant consumes, making it a great hydroponic system in Australia where water is such a precious and expensive commodity.

Run To Waste Grow Kits

Run to waste grow kits are a hydroponic system that uses a timer and a pump to deliver small, continuous amounts of nutrient solution to each pot containing your growing medium. The excess nutrient solution is then sent via a waste line to drain away – not to be used again. The main advantage of the run-to-waste hydroponic system is that the nutrient solution is not reused by the plant, this provides the plant with the full spectrum of macro and micro nutrients with every feed the plant receives.

Flood and Drain Systems

Flood and drain systems are hydroponic systems that are flooded with a nutrient solution until the solution reaches is designated height, then the excess nutrient solution is drained back into the nutrient reservoir. This system is generally run via a timed pump that turns on according to your set programs, delivering the nutrient solution in the flood cycle and once the pup turns off the system enters the drain phase of its cycle – hence giving this system the name of Flood and Drain. In this hydroponic system the plant media is usually contained in a tray or grow table, although pots can be placed individually into the tray allowing water to flood up to a section of the pot, providing the required nutrition needed for strong, healthy and prolific growth.

Deep Flow Style Systems

Deep Flow style systems are hydroponic systems that have the nutrient solution flowing around the system and the plants roots draw the required water and nutrients from the solution, as the plants roots are generally hanging into the solution. The nutrient solution needs to be heavily oxygenated allowing the plants roots access to the oxygen they will require for their accelerated growth which is the benefit of growing with a deep flow system.

Hydroworld also provides and stocks a complete range of grow tent kits that include absolutely everything you will require to get started and growing indoors. The grow tent kits come with lighting, timers, pots, fans, nutrition, mesh and of course the grow tent! If you can’t happen to find a complete grow tent kit that suits you in our comprehensive range, then contact us via email and we can provide you with a fully customised system.