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Hydroponic Lights

Lighting your Hydroponic system is central to the success of your plant's growth as it provides the light to allow photosynthesis to happen.

Grow lights are the replacement for the Sun's rays. The main considerations are to reproduce the needed light spectrum and intensity (lumen output).

Hydro world has a great range of best price hydroponic lights, hydroponic grow lights, LED hydroponic lights and LED grow lights from leading manufacturers.


  • Phillips 315 Lamp

    315 CMH (Ceramic Metal Hailde ) lamp

    This is the Phillips 930 315 watt full spectrum CMH lamp to suit the Hi-Par or other CMH ballsts .It has a CRI of 90 giving it the closest spectrum to sunlight of any of the lamps we sell .It was designed for medical growing were high oil and resin...

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  • 315 CMH Ballst ,Phillips 315 CMH lamp

    315 CMH globe and Ballast Kit

    Hi-Par 315 CMH globe and ballast is for customers that have their own reflector .The 315 watt units were designed for medical grade cultivation engineered to replicate the sun .This ensures a higher essential oil ,resin and terpene production than your...

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  • 315 Defender Kit

    Hi-Par 315 CMH kit with Medium Defender kit

    This Hi-Par 315 CMH kit with Medium Defender shade .These Hi-Par kits have been engineered for maximum performance with precise build components to achieve faster ,healthier and heavier crops .This unit has a pffd of around 857 umol /m2 and a CRI 0f 90...

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  • S-One Sunstorm Kit S-One Sunstorm Kit

    S-One Sunstorm 315 CMH All in one

    Sunstorm s-One complete kits are the latest technology in medical production 315w CMH technology has been proven to provide more Uva and Uvb than traditional metal halide lamps ensuring better essential oil and resin production from your crop .The...

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  • Hi-Par Sunstorm Kit

    Sunstorm Hi-Par 315 cmh Kit

    Sunstorm 315 Ceramic Metal Halide kit complete with globe , ballast and shade .These kits are the latest in the range from Hi-Par lighting and feature the Sunstorm reflector .These Hi-Par kits have been engineered for maximum performance with precise...

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