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  • Aqua One PH Test Kit

    Aqua One PH Test Kit

    Aqua One PH test Kit is used for testing the PH of your water in the Aquaponics system .If you Ph is not correct then the plants will not uptake as much nutrient as they could and it leaves your fish at risk of increased fungal infections 

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  •  	Blue Lab EC/PH Combo Meter

    Bluelab EC/PH Combo Meter

    Blue Lab PH/EC Combination Meter .This meter from Blue Lab combines both of the most used gauges in hydroponics in one simple easy to use meter .The PH probe has a BNC connection for ease of replacement and a heavy duty EC probe ensure accuracy and...

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  • Ezi tools EC Meter

    Ezi tools EC Meter

    Ezi Tools EC Meter .This Ec meter is a cheap way to measure your nutrient solution or test aquaponics systems for nutrient load .This meter comes with easy to follow instructions and a screwdriver for quick calibration .

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  • Ezi Tools PH Meter

    Ezi Tools PH Meter

    Ezi Tools PH Meter .This cheap pocket type meter is a great way to measure the Ph of your hydroponic solution or nutrient solution .In hydroponics the best PH range for maximium nutrient absorbtion is between 5.8 and 6.2 for aquaponics the PH is slightly...

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  • PH Test Kit Flairform

    PH Test Kit Flairform

    PH Test Kit Flairform .This is a simple one drop ph tester ,Fill the vial ,add one drop ,shake and check the colour against the bottle .This is also a great referance to keep your  ph meters in check  .

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