• 5 Stage fan speed controller

    5 Stage Fan Speed Control

    This 5 stage transformer driven speed control allows you to dim both Can Max fans and centrifugal fans without the capacitor humming and causing fan failure .This controller has 5 speed control options from very low to full speed which is very useful in...

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Blue Lab Peridoser Unit complete

    Bluelab Peridoser Unit complete

    The ultimate in nutrient control with the blue Lab peridoser kit ,nutrition and Ph are all measured and adjusted to prescion with this unit ,Comes complete with all the components needed including peri pump dossers, controller with digital readout...

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  • EC Controller Autogrow Systems

    EC Controller Autogrow Systems

    EC Controller from Autogrow Systems EC Controller from Autogrow Systems gives the hobbist the same nutrient delivery technology that the commercial grower has at a fraction of the price. Peristaltic pumps combined with a programable control give...

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  • Excelvent Fan Speed Controller

    Excelvent Fan Speed Controller

    Excelvent Speed Controller lets the grower adjust the speed of their fans allowing for total temperature control in the grow environment .This is an entry level unit giving the grower great value for money .Hydroworld doesnt recommend these for...

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  • Ezi-GrowFan Speed Controller

    Ezi-GrowFan Speed Controller

    Galaxie Fan Speed Controller gives you the ability to adjust the speed of your fan giving the grow environment the right temp humidity requirements during all seasons and all stages of growth .Made in Australia this unit is made with the best quality...

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  • Ezy Grow Thermostat

    Ezy Grow Thermostat

    Ezy Grow Thermostat Ezy Grow thermostat is used to turn fans on when temperature has been reached in your grow environment. This is cooling only and australian made.

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  • Dual Thermo controller heating/cooling

    Growlush Dual thermal controller

    Take control of your lighting and give your plants the right temperature at the right time to ensure maximum yield. Turns your system automated to only turn on at the right temperature Waterproof tip, allowing it to also be used in conjunction to...

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  • 	Growlush Fan Speed Controller

    Growlush Fan Speed Controller

    Growlush Fan Speed Controller allows the grower to control the speed of their fans .Can run dual fans as long as load doesnt exceed 4a .This unit is not recommended for Can Max or centrifical fans .

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  • Hi-Par Control Station

    Hi-Par Lighting Controller

    Hi-Par Lighting Controller allows the user to take intelligent control of their lighting to a new level .This smart technology allows your Hi-Par control station to regulate the operation of your high par digital ballasts and Hi-Par control kits.The...

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  • Revolution RC-1 Lighting Controller

    Revolution Digital Lighting Controller

    The Revolution controller provides smart control for the hobbyist and large scale growers alike .Raw power is nothing with out smart control .The rlc-1 will simulate sunset and sunrise gradually warming the room just as mother nature does ,it captures...

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  • SMSCOM 1500w 6.5A fan controller

    SMSCOM 1500w 6.5A Fan speed controller

    The SMSCOM fan controller is a plug and play unti designed for heavy duty power loads, rated for up to 1500W 6.5A max.Simply plug the fan into the unit, and the lead into a 240V outlet, set you minimum desired fan speed and off you go!This fan speed...

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