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  • Trichscope 5x Magnification


    Introducing the Plant Mechanics TRICHOSCOPE! Magnified viewing of flowers, in a hermetic (sealed) glass jar. 5x Magnification and LED lighting for ultra trichome inspection. Long-lasting battery, with USB-C charger   This is the new gold...

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  • Hailea Water Chiller 1/2 hp

    Hailea Water Chiller HC 500 A

    Haliea water chiller is a high quality water chiller that is suitable for around 1000 liters of tank water and a maximum flow rate of 6500 litres per hour .They are high quality units ensuring years of trouble free operation .Great for cooling fish that...

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  • Haliea Water Chiller 1/15hp

    Hailea Water Chiller HC 130 A

    Haliea Water chiller is suitable for up to 300 litres and a maximum flow rate of 1000 litres per hour .They are a fantastic little unit for keeping your reservoir cool in the summer months .1/15hp in power draw

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  • Stackable Drying rack

    Stackable Drying Rack

    Stackable drying racks come broken down and are easily assembled to form a rack that is 71cmx71cmx14cm high .You can fit as many together as you need to dry your produce quickly an evenly .Just push the rods into the supplied corners and you done and...

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  • Sea Hawk Drying rack

    Seahawk Drying Rack

    SeaHawk 6 Tier drying rack is 90cm diameter when opened out and folds back into a handy pouch when finished like a beach tent . These drying racks are the easy space saving way to dry your produce .

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  • Ban Rot 400wp

    BanRot 400WP

    Banrot 400 Wp is a broad spectrum fungicide for ornamental plants and can be used in both hydroponic and soil applications .This fungicide is used for the control of damping off and stem rot fungal infections such as Pythium,Phytophtora and...

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  • Boss Reverse osmosis 600lpd

    Boss Reverse osmosis 600lpd

    Boss reverse osmosis unit .This high quality R/O will make up to 600 liters per day at 100 psi or 400 liters at 50 psi making it one of the best performing R/O units on the market .It also has a handy membrane flushing device that extends the life of the...

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