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  • 120L Pot

    120L Pot

    120 Litre Square Pot .This big boy allow big plants and big yields made from heavy duty uv stabilized plastic and will last many years of growing .

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  •  	15L Pot

    15L Pot

    15 Liter Black Pot is great fro short term cropping or pre-growing plants to transplant phase .A good choice for customers wanting to grow ,chillis,eggplants and melon varities .

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  •  	160L Pot

    160L Pot

    160 Liter Black Pot made from heavy duty plastic .These are a great pot for growing trees .Uv stabilized they last for ages outside .

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  • 30L Pot

    30L Pot

    30 Liter Black Pot .If your growing larger plants the 30L pot is for you ,Good for Capsicums ,tomatoes and other long term plants .Uv stabilized this pots will last for ages ,we've had these in continuous use for 15 years and there still fine and only...

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  •  	50L Pot

    50L Pot

    50 Liter Black Pot The industry standard in pots ,strong , sturdy and uv stabilized to ensure long life in all environments .

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