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  • Hydroworld Root Enhancer 5L

    Hydroworld Root Enhancer

    Hydroworld Roots Enhancer helps to promote strong and healthy new roots to ensure maximum nutrient uptake throughout all plant stages. This helps to guarantee stable and rapid growth with the highest quality yields.

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  • Hydroworld Resin Enhancer 1L

    Hydroworld Resin Enhancer

    Hydroworld Resin Enhancer is a specialized flowering additive for use in conjunction with PK additives to:- Aids photosynthesis to improve sugar content and taste- Helps to promote increased fruit weight and greater oil content- Helps plants to produce...

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  • Hydro World System Cleaner 1L

    Hydroworld System Cleaner

    Hydro World System Cleaner Hydroworld System Cleaner is the best product on the market to keep your hydroponic system clean and disease free. Our System Cleaner takes care of both bacterial and fungal infection as well as descaling , preventing dripper...

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  • Hydro World Cloner 50ml

    Hydro World Cloner 50ml

    Hydro World Cloner 50ml Hydroworld Cloner is the goto propagation product for serious cloners. 5 year stability and a product that is all most impossible to contaminate. Contains all the ingredents to produce and maintain your cutting through this...

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  • Hydroworld Silica 1L

    Hydroworld Silica

    HydroWorld Silica is the most advanced silicate product on the market .As with all other HydroWorld products years of research and the best in manufacturing technology into our silica .It has many benefits to the grower such as increased weight ,improves...

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  • 	Hydroworld Organic 5L

    Hydroworld Organics

    Hydroworld Organics. Hydroworlds own growth and final flower additive .This product contains a complex combination of organic additives , fulvic acid ,kelp and other natural stimulants .This product is designed to be used from seed to final flower ,it...

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  • 	Hydroworld Flower Enhancer 1L

    Hydroworld Flower Enhancer

    Hydroworld Flower Enhancer 1L .Hydroworlds own Flower booster with potash and organic additives is a revolution in potash based products .This is unlike any other product on the market,this potash is also a buffer for Hydroworlds A+B Coco .The flower...

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