Indoor Gardening During Winter

Posted by Jason Robinson on Sep 25th 2020

Indoor Gardening During Winter: There's a few key things that hydroponic growers need to be aware of during the winter months and most of them relate to either environment and temperature .The temperature in your grow environment is critical during the colder season with lower than optimal temperatures resulting in slower growth rates than usual and a reduced yield in your flowering plants .Some ways to combat these cooler temperatures are the use of a thermostat controller to run your extraction fans these can also be combined with a fan speed controller to reduce the flow of your hvac .These unit can be purchased separately or a combo controller like the Sms Com Hybrid or the Can Satellite and  ECM controller have the function of both acting as a fan speed controller ramping the fan up when temperature presets are achieved and reducing the fan speed when the temps drop below a preset level .If you are really struggling to maintain your temperature then the addition of a heating device may be recommended to increase your ambient temps to a point that appropriate .

Colder water can stifle growth rates and inhibit the uptake of nutrients in your hydroponically grown plants and vegetables that uses LED Grow Lights, etc.If your water temperatures are dropping below the thirteen degree mark then plant deficiencies in micronutrients can follow .Luckily this issue is an easy fix by the addition of a water heater to the tank or sump in the hydroponic system .The addition of a heater at the rate of 1 wat to 1 Liter is a good starting point to raise your nutrient temps to approximately 24 to 26 degrees .Any warmer will start to limit the availability of oxygen that can be dissolved in the solution so its not really recommended to raise your temperatures above the 26 degree mark