Most Important Indoor Gardening Tools

Posted by Jason Robinson on Sep 25th 2020

Apart from the obvious requirements that are required for indoor cultivation such as lighting ,exhaust systems ,growing systems and circulating fans .There are three essential devices that i would recommend to people that are setting up grow environments that will save the cultivator from problems and failures in future endeavors .

The first of these would be a device that will measure the temperature and humidity that's being achieved in the grow environment .These can range from analog to digital units and can be a very simple temp/humidity meter to complex data logging style devices to the new generation of remote monitors that hook up to your wifi and send the information to your phone via an app .These metering devices will give the operator information required to make decisions on what measures that need to be undertaken to bring their environment into line with the optimum levels required to maximize their plants performance in that environment such as increasing or decreasing airflow in the grow room to reduce or increase ambient temperatures or the addition of evaporative cooling to decrease temps and increase humidity during the dry hot summer months .

The second of these devices would be nutrient testing equipment that test the EC or electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution to make sure their solution is at an optimal level for the plants that they are trying to grow and get the maximum performance out of .These can include EC pens ,Blue lab Truncheons up to 24hr monitoring equipment .

The third one would be a PH meter which can be as simple as a drop tester up to a PH controller /dosing unit .Keeping the correct Ph in your nutrient solution is essential in achieving prolific growth rate and exceptional yields from your vegetables and flowering plants .

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