Reducing Mould in Flowering Plants

Posted by Jason Robinson on Sep 2nd 2014

Here are a few quick tips to reduce mould in flowers an flowering plants .Make sure your temperature and humidity levels are within perameters set by using a temperature and humidity meter.Make sure you have sufficient air movement within the grow room .Reduce any foliar spraying in the last weeks of flowering .Make sure solution EC and Ph are correct as weak or slow growing plants are at increased risk .Use of silica during the plants growth/flowering cycle bolster cell walls .Remove dead and decaying leaf/vegetable matter from the grow environment .Pick plants which are more resistant geneticly .Remove any mould that has formed in flowers and dispose of out of grow room .Ps the spore to look out for form inside the flower and are very small and yellowish in colour ,happy growing Hydroworld pty ltd. The #1 online hydroponic store !