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Electrical Fans, Controllers etc

Over 30 fans, Excelvent controllers and Thermostats, Ezi-Grow fans and speed controllers, SMSCom Controllers, Heat Cords and Heat Trays, Ph probes and Ph Meters, EC Meters, power boards and timers.

  • 4 in 1 soil survey meter

    Soil Survey 4-1 meter

    Soil survey meter is a 4 in 1 digital type soil tester .It tests all your soil perameters such as Ph , moisture , temperature and light intensity .It has a large LCD screen making it easy to read and easy to use .It has a automatic power off function...

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  • Can Max 500mm Fan Can Max 500mm Fan

    Can Max Fan 500mm

    Can Max Fan 500mm is the largest most powerful extraction fan we stock with a massive 6950m3/hr of air movement .This fan would be suitable for very large grow rooms or warehouse style installations .This fan is handmade in Germany ensuring its built to...

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  • 96mm Reinforced Tape

    96mm Reinforced Tape

    96mm Reinforced tape .High quality with strong adhesion ability its useful for joining duct work ,fixing to carbon filters and sticking plastic /mylar/diamond foil to walls and other surfaces .

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  • Blue Lab Guardian Monitor

    Blue Lab Guardian Monitor

    Blu Lab Guardian monitor is a 240v powered monitor that tests for Ec/Ph and temperature .It monitors your crops 24hrs a day and has the ability to set high an low alarms to alert you when adjustments may be required .

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  • 5 Stage fan speed controller

    5 Stage Fan Speed Control

    This 5 stage transformer driven speed control allows you to dim both Can Max fans and centrifugal fans without the capacitor humming and causing fan failure .This controller has 5 speed control options from very low to full speed which is very useful in...

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  • Dual Thermo controller heating/cooling

    Growlush Dual thermal controller

    Take control of your lighting and give your plants the right temperature at the right time to ensure maximum yield. Turns your system automated to only turn on at the right temperature Waterproof tip, allowing it to also be used in conjunction to...

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  • Superpro Vapor-B1 Humidity Controller

    Superpro Vapor-B1 Humidity Controller

    Superpro Vapor-B1 Humidity Controller The Vapor-B1 Humidity Controller is a simple device used to control humidity levels within an enclosed area. this timer can be used to control humidification/dehumidification devices by setting the timer...

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  • Superpro Chrono-B1 Recycle Timer

    Superpro Chrono-B1 Recycle Timer

    Superpro Chrono-B1 Recycle Timer The Chrono-B1 recycling timer provides a wide range of available time settings using simple analog knobs to determine the on/off times.This timer can be used to function during the day, night or across 24 hours. The...

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  • Ezy Grow Thermostat

    Ezi Grow Thermostat

    Ezy Grow Thermostat Ezy Grow thermostat is used to turn fans on when temperature has been reached in your grow environment. This is cooling only and australian made.

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  • Gaurdian Monitor Blue Lab

    Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    Gaurdian Monitor by Blue Lab is a 240v power Ph ,Ec and temperature monitor .This meter is a must for serious growers who are after the best yeild and quality produce .Easy to use and reliable with a replacable Ph probe and trouble free Ec probe .

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